Dear Friends, March 1, on the first day of spring, we will meet at the FluRAnet Gallery to celebrate our 20th anniversary and the closing of the Seasons exhibition, which will be held from 22.02 to 1.03

In a small psychedelic family, we go on a musical three-hour journey into space with Iurii Gagarin (Gagarin Project).

We will remember all the good things that have been with us over the past two decades.

Over the years, there have been ups and downs, a lot of good and not so good, we went this path together, being inspired and disappointed, but definitely not regretting anything. This is an invaluable experience of success and failure.

Small home party (private) with friends in a warm friendly atmosphere, puer tea, hugs.



Beginning at 18:00 Kiev Andreevsky descent 22b Gallery “FluRAnet”

The number of tickets is limited. Only 30 tickets!!

Admission by prepayment – 100 gr until February 22. (15 tickets available at this price)

From February 22 to March 1 – 200

the money will go towards the development of the FluRArium eco-project


Tickets can be bought at FlURANET stores

Maidan St. Sofievskaya 2 MUSHROOM-SHOP

St. Andrew’s Descent 22b – FLURA-SHOP

St. Andrew’s Descent 22 b – FluRAnet Gallery

or by paying to a private bank card: 4149 6293 0017 0420 Be sure to contact or send a copy of the receipt or screenshot +380672474462 with your name and phone number after payment.

We will send a ticket and gifts))