On October 19 a renowned Swedish electronic duet – Carbon Based Lifeforms – will perform in Kyiv.

Carbon Based Lifeforms is one of the greatest artists of psychedelic ambient genre, former residents of the French label Ultimae Records. Their shows are usually sold out within days!

As Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad say, they strive to combine earthly and spacy in their music.

Combining nature and technology as the main source of inspiration, the musicians demonstrate positive and negative consequences of such fusion, such as environmental issues.

All these ideas come to life in Hedberg’s extraterrestrial sounds and harmonies, enveloped by trance-like rhythms by Segerstad.

Project is often headlining the biggest psy-trance festivals in Europe, USA and Australia and to date they have made 5 full-length releases.

In Kyiv, Carbon Based Lifeforms will perform in support of their new album “Derelicts”, which was selected as one of the top-12 electronic releases by the american Billboard magazine.

Don’t miss this unique show from the living classics of modern electronic music!

At the concert will be presented a gallery of paintings by Nita Kravets
Shop – FluRAnet
Tickets can be bought in Kiev on St. Andrew’s Descent 22 b.