Creating an ecology space

Seminar Creating an ecology space
22 Nov to 24 Nov – in Ukrainian Carpathian, seminar Creating an ecology space

Andriy Bobrovytskiy
Eco-oriented builder, ecology activist and propagandist, one of the first to implement eco-building tech.
Sergiy Rukavytsyn
Expert on creating unique spaces for huge global festivals. Founder of the Project FLURARIUM in Carpathian. Researcher of ancient sanctuaries of Ukraine.
Nita Kravets
A painter, designer, the magician. Expert on creative design for Bali night clubs, sculptor, and the one who fell in love with the silence of the Carpathian mountains.
On the territory of FluRArium, at the very heart of Hutsul Carpathian, 2-days practical seminar will be held on following topics:
1/ Geodesic dome. Where to use, kinds of geodesic buildings. How to build it by your own.
2/ Turf roof basics and theory.
3/ Cement in building. Where to use it and not harm yourself (theory). Volumetric figures from cement, design elements (practice). Master-class from Nataly Kravets on creating original forms by your own from cement.
4/ Searching for your own land around. Small steps towards big target. Carpathian biggest problem – ecosystem, and everyone can do a lot to reserve it by planting trees, gardening, and or taking part in creating botanical garden nearby. Can learn how to plan properly in practice.
5/ Why Snydavka? We will talk about Project FluRArium. Our manifesto, targets and our abilities. As a part of the seminar, we will visit ancient sanctuary nearby, listen to lectures on ancient civilizations and sanctuaries.
1/ There will be seminar on how to choose proper land in Carpathia, lecturer with 10 years of practice.
2/ Analyzing land from builder`s view to avoid spending lots of money.
3/ Planning your land in permaculture way.
4/ Choosing your land.

Seminar cost — 150 EUR for 3 days. (Food, educational programme included, also can stay with your sleeping bag in warm space for FREE)
Hotel 30 EUR per day possible.
Registration 050-388-44-71
The activists can stay more and try to practice as volunteers, let us know. Also, Ternoshor LADA sanctuary can and /or open-air sauna can be visited.
Questions about seminar?
Nita +380674404878