From February 1 to10, an exhibition of Andrey Goncharenko art, better known as TROOTOOOO, is taking place at FluRAnet gallery.

The exhibition shows fluorescent paintings, TROOTOOOO products shop, live painting, performance and other psychedelic improvisations …
The work of this artist needs no introduction, but anyway a bit of history-
For more than 20 years, Andrey dedicated Visionary art and formed his own style. It all began in the late 90s. Then he seriously studied geology, played psychedelic rock, he was lucky to go through spiritual experiences, traveling to the depths of consciousness, which led to the emergence of an irresistible desire to create what he saw and realized.
In drawing the artist uses fluorescent paint. The images he created cannot be called simple. Gradient, multi-layered, variety of details and textures allows developing serious philosophical and spiritual themes on the canvas.
Andrew also creates clothes with author’s drawings, decorates many parties and festivals, both in Ukraine and abroad.
TROOTOOTOO creativity is a deep immersion in alternate realities.
We invite you on a journey in which author will take us through his worlds. Each work is a story, an experience, and each creature has its own deep meaning.
The opening of exhibition on February 1, in Kiev, on Andriyivsky Descent, 22b.
The exhibition taking place daily from 11:00 to 20:00. We welcome you!