One should dream to see the meaning of life

In the face of our times, for more than a year we’ve dreamt and saw meaning alongside you! After a complete solar revolution, we are thrilled to announce: DREAMS Festival!

During the first summer weekend, we will bring together friends, like-minders and dreamers on a warm island in Kyiv downtown. We will dance and celebrate in the clear open air together with top European psy-chill headliners, diving into a world of amazing decorations and visual effects, merging alterity into oneness.
🌟H.U.V.A. Network 🇪🇺
⭐️Solar Fields 🇸🇪
⭐️AES Dana 🇫🇷
⭐️Suduaya 🇫🇷
⭐️Man of No Ego 🇧🇬
✨Unusual Cosmic Process 🇺🇦
✨Irukanji 🇺🇦
✨Gagarin Project 🇺🇦
FLURA-SHOP22b, Andreevskiy Spusk Str.
(Kontraktovaya Square metro station)
Shallow Snow ❤️