She is playful and changeable. She is crazy and sometimes mad. She shall flirt with you by pulling you closer and throwing aside next moment.

She shall teach you how to love and how to hate. And those feelings will be so sincere and they will merge together into higher balance creating a new synthesis of peace.

First she shall take away all you have till the last piece, desert you till the last drop and then shall refill you giving you as much as you have never had before.

She covers her beauty with veil of maya, inspiring the illusion of chaos, but through chaotic fiber of her transparent dirty grid you will see all her splendid and indescribable beauty.

You will think that she has completely gone crazy, but then you will realise that her chaos is nothing but a different order.

You will be silently crying into the pillow, driven to despair, but she shall always be there for you as your mother giving happiness and peace.

You will never be alone in her company, but you will always be lonely surrounded by an endless stream of events and situations.

She shall definitely change you, no matter how strong you are.

She is the water. She has no boundaries, but every second she shall surprise you with limits and primitivism, destroying all habits and experience of your entire life.

And you will come back again and again and wherever you go you will be attracted back, because she is the heart of the Earth. India is the same, but different.

Ellora –  India Maharastra

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Ajanta – India Maharastra

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Goa beaches

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