Curlie’s Beach Shack
(next to Flea Market)
403509 Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna
Goa, India


Monday — Sunday
4:00 pm — 00:00 am

All stores   

The sun, the sea, the tropical forest and music — aren’t these the best conditions for something wonderful to grow? No wonder, place known now as Curlie’s Beach Club in Anjuna (Goa) gave birth to something as bright and beautiful as trance culture in the mid of the past century. We are really proud to call people behind this cult place our collaborators and friends, and have Curlie’s as our winter residency for so many years now. From November to April you can find us under Goa’s incredible skies in our Curlie’s office and a beach shop, where Fluranet’s production is presented widely and exclusively. Come over, if you are around!

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