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SKU: P-180
Production: FluRAnet
Sizes: 0,5m x 0.5m
Colors: Flura

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Fluorescent oil painting on black cotton fabric

Handpainted with brush

Fabric stitched at the edges with eyelets for hanging

Indoor for you cozy home and outdoor for party decoration as well

Backdrop is washible by hand in a cold water

Original authors painting by Nita Kravets


Fluorescent oil painting  Fantasy Art

Blacklight tapestry

Original artwork Painting

Visionary Handpainted Psychedelic trippy art


Across light years and myriad of stars we can see the Great Cat from Cosmic nebula coming into view…

We just need to find  “cat” constellations, when they get into a certain position, and ask the Great our holy question.

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