DVA DEREVA – “Fingers of Bare Trees”

The DVA DEREVA project presents a new 2024 release, Fingers of Bare Trees

The music of the “Dva Dereva” project is a unique combination of archaic musical instruments and voice. Their work is a trance-like meditative music that combines analog, electronic, and acoustic sounds.

Nadezhda Makarova and Artem Cherchinsky are the founders of the project. Since 2010, they started with intuitive acoustic ethno-trance, using instruments such as didgeridoo, tambourine, flutes, Jew’s harps, and singing bowls. In the fall of 2018, their style underwent significant changes and became electronic-acoustic.

The new 2024 release is a journey inside oneself, a slowing down of the flow of thoughts, and a detachment from everyday hustle and bustle. It is an opportunity to hear one’s true desires and return to one’s true self.

The healing sounds of the Native American style drone flute and sacred chants, the magic of the voice combined with the mystical sound of synthesizers — all this harmoniously merges into the composition “Fingers of Bare Trees.