The Fluranet gallery (Kyiv, Andriivskyi Descent 22b) presents the work of Ukrainian artist N-Zigo, founder of the Lviv-based Artrama project

Artrama is a Ukrainian project that deserves your attention. Over the past few years, it has developed into a full-fledged art studio, and the trials of wartime have only made the team stronger
Artrama works in Lviv and creates clothes, accessories, decorations and installations for the home, clubs, parties and festivals. The leading idea of the studio is to create a space for self-expression, to give people a fairy tale, to open doors to new unusual worlds, to share inspiration and energy.
The founder and leader of N-ZIGO, aka Andrii Kukla, was born in Sumy. He has extensive experience in design and diverse creative work. He was looking for himself in various fields, from construction to stage design. They say he built a boat in India with his own hands and married all the women he met)) But these are all rumours.
Now he lives in a unique house that he built himself, with a view of the forest, Lviv and the universe.
N-ZIGO is like a samurai who has a path and gives himself completely to the process. Life and personal experience led him to create a project that does not chase fashion and mass. Creates basically an exclusive product. And I believe that this is only the beginning.
More than a dozen works by N-ZIGO and the Artrama studio are currently presented in the “FluRAnet” Gallery.
We are waiting in Kyiv at Andriivskyi Uzvoz, 22b.


Сергей Рукавицын