The store moved to Andreevsky Spusk 22b
Kiev, Ukraine

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History of the Jiva Shop:

Eco Space at Vasilkovsky Shopping Mall is a fruit of our collaboration with Eco Buffet, a well-known vegeterian cafe offering meat/ fish/ egg-free food. Eco Space is more than just a cafe and a store — it’s a territory of natural and pure things, where you can feel and experience them. Here you can relax, have a tasty healthy lunch and a bit of shopping. Products Eco Buffet use for cooking are exceptionally pure, and so is the  cookware clean of animals’ suffering. The menu offers dishes for vegans, lacto-vegeterians and raw food eaters.

You won’t find our trademark fluorescent burst here, but what you can find is all the shades of natural colours. Jiva Shop is eco- and ethnically oriented and offers only natural stuff — clothes, accessories bijouterie, author toys and dolls, statues and figurines, various gifts and souvenirs from all around the world. The key point is: every single item presented in Jiva Shop is handmade and produced from natural fabrics like flax, hemp, cotton, wool, wood, clay or seeds.