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Mushroom Shop, a direct relative of Psy Shop at Andreevsky Spusk, has existed since October 2010. Named after the most ancient and mysterious form of life on the planet, it like a real mushroom itself, boldly popped up  in the very center of Kiev — on Maidan. The assortment of Mushroom Shop is represented by psychedelic design items and attributes, club clothes, ninja shoes, UV-jewelery and souvenirs, smoking accessories — all this, again, looks most advantageous in fractal-fluorescent lighting.On the shelves of the store you can find not FluraNet products only, but also products of friendly labels and partners, such as Cyberdog, Spacetribe, Shiva Groop (Moscow), Chillout Planet (St-Petersbourg—Slovakia), SacredSecret (St-Petersbourg), Vertigo (Moscow), Flower of Life (Goa, India), Trip-o-Nation, GlookAround, CRYSTAL TRIBE (Goa, India) and MOONTRIBE (Thailand, Bali). There are also trade exhibitions of art taking place from time to time.