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Rajasthan Dress U-98.


The dress, made of breathable cotton-polyester fabric, is the result of a fusion between traditional Indian embroidery and the craftsmanship of Ukrainian seamstresses.

SKU: U-98.
Production: FluRAnet
Sizes: S-M
Colors: NO UV

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A versatile knee-length dress with short sleeves.

Created by FluRAnet artisans, this designer piece is presented in a single S-M size specimen.

This dress combines ornamental traditional Indian embroidery in design elements with the quality of Ukrainian sewing techniques.

The fabric is stretch cotton (95% cotton, 5% polyester), making the dress not only beautiful but also comfortable. Hand-made Indian embroidery gives it a special touch, and our craftsmen have ensured its impeccable quality. The “Rajasthan” dress is a cultural work of art, an excellent choice for special occasions and everyday elegance

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