Artist Dimorphic

From 22.09 to 27.09 at the exhibition “Autumn Equinox” in the Carpathian mountains will be presented works by Dmitry Ditkovsky, better known to all as Dimorphic.

The artist was born in 1985 in Lviv.

In 2000 he studied at the College of Decorative and Applied Arts. Trush (School of Fine Arts) at the Faculty of Advertising in the Architectural and Spatial Environment.

In 2003 Dmitry organized a personal exhibition of paintings.

In 2004 he created the creative project Dimorphic. In 2006 he graduated from the bachelor’s degree and entered the Lviv National Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Design. Graduated in 2008 with a master’s degree.

Dimorphic is a unique artist who has come to his own unique, distinctive style of painting. Having an academic art education, experimenting with different styles, he stops at pointillism, having developed his own point technique. The work is done on canvases. His paintins are laconic bright images from the depths of space, other psychedelic worlds and distant corners of the Universe.

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