Indian Spirit – festival (Germany)

This is a very special festival for Germans and Danes. Here you won’t find fairies, trolls, and magical wizards like at many other European Psy Fi, forest, and meditation or deep thinking festivals.

This is definitely a diehard Vikings style festival and here you’ll find more strange in an usual trance party people in the world. Most of the guys who come to the fest ripped up to the size of the mountain, from head to toe covered in tattoos and walking around half naked in any weather condition because their clothes tearing apart with every move they make. Their ladies keeping the same standards in terms of muscles in ideology. All they are missing is an ax and a heavy shield to complete the picture.
And Bodymasters they are called.
Some will say – how this kind of people could be interested in trance? Because most of the tough guys after work out go drink beer in the neighborhood bar and to nod their head to whatever good is playing from the speakers, or really advanced ones go to the club and dance to some minimal or club techno. But German and Danes bodymasters are way pass the point of your average muscle dudes. And when you see their dance floor performance, you get what they really made of. It’s like they have their own ritual consisting of flexing, posing, moving. The way they demonstrate their powers in front of each other. They either dance for hours nonstop or chilling and relaxing in those blowup chairs right there on the dance floor. Brought in on the busses in groups (poor bus drivers, I feel for them), they being protected by the army of cops with big guns, just for safety of civilization. They get high, but high on something that only bodymaster can experience. They scream very loud to let out emotions, and if you see a bodymaster in a tight condition or in a small room, you might want to take a step outside, because of the huge mass and sometimes uncontrollable movement, things get knocked over, and if you somehow on their way prepared to dodge those elbow swings. Best environment for them is outside, in open space in the free-flowing air and if you can overcome the urge to fight or argue, and ask very politely bodymaster willingly follow you outside to safe place. But after all those tough and rigid looking guys are pretty harmless.
Talking about Indian spirit in general, I must say that this year been one of the best in terms of organization, things changed and got to whole other level. Design of the fest got on much higher standards and it’s noticeable. This year four teams took care of stage decorations: Mae&Moa – Austria, 3Delica – Russia, Artescape – South Africa, Microptics – Germany.
Two of them deserve special attention. Russians from 3Delica, who decorated alternative stage and Austrian Mae&Moa who did the Main.
Tell you the truth we have seen a lot in 17 years working with design, but what Russians did there using biflex in LEDs really amazed us! Team of three guys: Anton (head of 3Delica), Sasha (that guy was the medical degree) and Ivan (LED genius). Finding out, guys managed to do this unbelievable job only in a few days and we have to express our honor and respect to 3Delica for scale and quality of work they have done for our enjoyment!!!
Even though main stage look great, but in comparison to alternative from 3Delica, Mae&Moa definitely end up second-best, and I guess because of this Austrians got a little bit jealous and a little upset, and even stop talking to Russians.
In general all of the festival grounds was beautifully decorated, there was no dark empty corners, every little nook and cranny was filled with something to look at. There were decorations out of flower gardens, soap bubbles and bunch of other little knickknacks. Lighting through on the fest looked very similar to many other festivals, but high-quality and right set up kept the space nice and cozy. Sound was great, musician played great, and despite the amount of new and unknown bands, most of them had something to impress with and even could’ve compete with famous Infected Mushrooms or Juno Reactor.
And of course about cleanliness and over all organization… Generally Germans and Danes are used to leave after themselves tons of trash everywhere, and honestly it’s not pleasant to see place you been dancing on full of broken glass and trash, like it was two years ago. This year organization was on much higher lever. Trash bins all over and all in right places, volunteer cleaning team did amazing job, and biggest improvement was the ban of glass bottles on the festival grounds. This eliminated pieces of broken glass under your feet, and saved many from head injuries. Security was on high-level and kept peace in a good manner. Locals around here are pretty quiet and come, terrain is very clean, and this took big part in choice of the location for event. By the way organization team provided all of the locals with free passes to the fest.
Somewhere else this could’ve brought huge flow of tourists, but not here… Looks of rigid bodymasters scared away most of out lookers.
After all this festival went good. Party crew got more experience and eliminated a lot of unpleasant things, that been there in the past. But if you’re planning to visit German Viking playground and have a good time, get a babysitter and leave you kids at home.

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