PSY-FI 2015

Our trip to the young, bright and flourishing trance culture festival Psy Fi (Netherlandes) we closely collaborate with, organising the shop and art-gallery at the venue. So far Psy-Fi seems to be the only trance event in Netherlands, but—mark our words—this project is going to grow huge!
The void is a place in space and time where there is absolutely nothing but total darkness… Except for one thing, unlimited potential for anything to come into existence. With our consciousness and imagination we can manifest anything out of the void. A new world, new ideas and new ways, art, anything you want. Think of the big bang theory, how there once was nothing and now here we are.
Out of the darkness came the light. The time for change is here. We are an ever growing and strong global family of peaceful souls. Our wish is to inform, inspire and awaken people of all nations and cultures to get together for a week of music, arts and spiritual awakening. Lets unite as one as an example to the rest of the world.  It had to be in somewhere like Holland that someone came up with the idea of Psy-Fi. The Psy-Fi festival 2015, Netherlands is the follow up to the 2014 event which described itself as “Inside the Vortex.” In fact, if you were there, then you would have understood the vortex thing. A psychedelic experience, the event takes place on a site which incorporates 5 stages in an ambiance of electricity that sucks the dancers into its spell.


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