Vibronica Festival 2021 | Stardust

If stars are lit –
It means there is someone who needs it? 

In the beginning there was nothing.
There was no matter and no space. There was no sound, and no one who could hear it. Absolute nothingness in which even the concepts of “something” and “nothing” were missing.
Then – the Big Bang comes. Birth of the smallest elements, total chaos, first movements, constant collisions. The formation of larger pieces of matter, planets and us.
Us and everything inside us. We all are made of star dust.
The dust that was very lucky. It made it through time and space, joined a cloud of accumulated gases and heavy metals and in billions of years formed a pale blue dot we call planet Earth.
Dust that got a chance to live.
To live, to perceive, to feel, to grasp, to change, to enjoy and to create something new.
Dear friends, Vibronica Caravan keeps moving this year!
Tiny pieces of stardust get together again on their way from nowhere to nowhere.
To celebrate life to the fullest, to dance, to get to know each other, to teach and to learn, to perceive, to create and to enjoy.
After all, if stars are lit, it means someone wants them to be?
Three nights. Three music stages.
Seven locations with lectures and workshops.
More than 150 artists in music, art, theater and dance scenes.
Vibronica 2021. Stardust.
July 15-18, 2021 / Kyiv / Open-air
Join us! Let’s do some wonder 😉
To be announced.
2500 UAH – till 10/07/2021
*Kids younger than 14 enter for free
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