Embassy of BOOMFestival in Kiev

On October 1, the embassy of BOOMFestival in Kiev starts.

BOOMFestival will traditionally be held in Portugal near the village of Idanha a Velha

The festival will be held in 2020 from July 28 to August 4.

The embassy has a mission to represent the interests of the Boomers from Ukraine, sell tickets, give information about the festival itself and about various issues that may be related to this event.

The embassy can organize a shuttle bass if the number of people wishing to leave Kiev and return to Kiev is more than 50 boomers. Shuttle bass will be paid separately.

A huge request, before asking a question, look through those questions that have already been asked before you:


Questions Answers:


– Are there tickets available.?

– Unfortunately there are no more tickets priced for 175 euros. Only 15 tickets were given to the Ambassador of Ukraine and those who arrived on October 1 in the morning were lucky to get them. They became the happy owners of these first and last tickets.

Anyway, do not be sad – this is not the end of the world, from October 7, they will start selling tickets priced for 230 euros. We recommend  you immediately buy a ticket? Because further, the price will be higher.

But we hope that BOOMFESTIVAL will change its opinion that there are only 15 Boomers in Ukraine.

And at least for those whose passport scans we attached to our petition, friendly tickets will be approved. We refused of our commissions and asked for  a friendly price at least for those who applied before October 1.


– From October 7th, can I buy a ticket online from you?

– No, from October 7th on-line tickets are available only from the BOOM website.


– Will tickets be available at the entrance?

– No. The BOOM festival sells only prepaid tickets and nothing more. This practice has shown itself well over the last 3 festivals.


– And if I come just to the festival?

– We do not recommend to do this; you will loose both time and money. They will not let you in, but if get inside without ticket, they will grab you and it cause a lot of negativity and finally you will still remain behind the fence. These are not our festivals; they can do quite hard with illegal immigrants. Why You Need It?


– More tickets will not be sold at all?

– According to our information, tickets are sold only Online. But we filed our complaint and sent scans of passports, those who brought them to the organizers before October 1. We really hope that at least these Boomers will receive their cherished ticket.


– I am a DJ. I want to play BOOM, who should I contact?

– The application form is available on the website register. The decision will be made by BOOMFestival



– Can you recommend me as a Ukrainian DJ?

– Unfortunately, no, because the decision will be made not by one person, but by the whole team.


– I want to run my business to put a store at a boom festival, how to do it?

– The register form is opened on website. BOOM team will consider your application and after February 23, 2020 they will give an answer.



is it possible u can forward a suggestion to the shopping area , to at least look at my shop for 2020

-Everyone can make an application. You can do it already. Registration is open on the site. But the decision is made by the community after 23.02.2020


– I am a designer, can I put my installation on BOOM?

Of course, you just need to claim about yourself. Prepare your portfolio, prepare a colorful description and photo and direct it through the BOOMFestival form.



– I am an artist. Can I exhibit my paintings in the BOOMFestival gallery?

– If you are a visionary artist, your  chances are very high. Visionary artists – green light.

The registration form on the website.  direct link – https://www.boomfestival.org/boom2020/participate/fine-arts/

The art description, photos as usuall


– I have a kid, is this festival kid-friendly?

– Yes!!! for small boomers, an entire area is reserved, with Interactive playgrounds, workshops, performances, a cinema, a theater and much more

Follow the link to read about what BOOM offers to small Dragons – https://www.boomfestival.org/boom2020/program/young-dragons/


– I am going for the first time. What about living on BOOM, I do not like dirt and heat, I can’t stand the heat. Is there a five-star hotel at the festival?

– BOOMFESTIVAL is a multi-thousand tent city. Portugal is very hot and very dusty at this time. Thousands of boomers live in their tents or campers, there are showers, kitchen guards, but living on the territory of the festival is in a tent, in a strictly defined area with strictly defined rules. If you are allergic to the sun or dust intolerance – this festival is definitely not for you. There are certainly some guesthouse or  hotels in the village, outside the territory, a few kilometers away, but there are definitely no luxury hotels on the territory))