Meditative eco art center

Let me start from something what was bothering us for decades and brought us for accepting a very global step and the creation of this very uncommon Project.

There is huge deforestation of ​ Ukraine’s Carpathians and to opponent this trouble is mostly impossible. The system of primeval forests logging comes from Soviet times, it is exactly same as fighting with windmills. How this scheme works?
There are dozens of foresters under the Chief Forester and there is big bribing and big business and they all get profit out of it. Carpathian Mountains are being rapidly stripped of forest cover and those barbarians continue to destroy the ecosystem.
Unfortunately, most of locals are not that concerned about the problem, when pointing them out, that next generations of their own kids will live on `bald` mountains, they just say this is what they do for living, otherwise the hunger…..
Ok, that was about the problem, a bit sad one, but we found a WAY! Not time to lecturer somebody or
teach someone how to live, we found another way! We sold out our Kyiv property and bought 5 hectares of Carpathian land!!! To preserve the forest by not letting anybody to cut it down!
We have been struggling for few years to get from the government of Ukraine 2 hectares of the land (due to our Constitution each Ukrainian can get 2 ha for free!!!) , but finally as it takes too much time and efforts in courts, the most efficient way was to buy our own land! The one who looks for will find it – as it is said… After looking through hundreds of offers, we finally found exactly what WE WERE LOOKING FOR!
It took very long time and efforts to understand we really need it. During this time, I understood that I am in love with one of the ethnic minority groups in Ukraine, the hutsuls and Verkhovyna district in Ivano Frankivsk area – the very center of hutsul ethnic culture.
The hutsuls inherited these territories from the Slavic pagans, who inherited it from Tripoli culture. My personal hobby is to observe and find ​ ancient sanctuaries which are spread out along these region of Carpathian. So many different types of ancient sanctuaries where Tripolye culture peoples were worshipping ancient God, then came pagans with worshipping their Gods… Later even Christian churches were built on the top of it…. Such places are full of overwhelming energy, being some kind of retranslator , sure if you come there with good mind..

Why ancient sanctuaries and Tripoli culture?
In one of such places in Carpathian, the village called Snidavka we arrived in autumn, after hectic festival activity season time, very exhausted. Next to the village there is quite famous ancient sanctuary – so called `Lada of Ternoshor` – the Goddess of Fertility, ancient people were coming here to ask Deity for good harvests – biggest stone sanctuary sometimes is called Ukrainian Stonehenge. Big parties and blessings were often here, ​ summer solstice (June 22) was the culmination of year around gatherings. So many local legends about this place. Uncountable….…

Maybe we will revive such gathering – by chilling out and parties?!!! on ​ summer solstice (June 22)?))))
After spending some time near the Sanctuary of Lada, the chronic exhaustion was away as if I meditated hours and hours, I even did not ask anything from the Lada as it was for me enough just to be there. theater

After we got down from the Lada sanctuary we as always gave our thanks and went on… Suddenly, there was strange but nice natural phenomenon – clouds were not floating the usual way and were making a spiral. Those spirals were meeting other spirals making small tornado. All this was shined by the Sun – the the effect was amazing – a kind of yellow energy eye! theater

Something strange was going on the Lada of Ternoshor Sanctuary . In few days we were exactly on that place seeing next land offer, as if something brought us there. Strange feeling you can not miss it.
I realized at once – this is our place and somehow it must be ours . Strange feeling, say, knowledge from inside, the only one you were looking for!!

OK, we can not stop the deforestation in Carpathian, no way to fight the System, there are not too many of us to change it…. But what we can do is to adopt small part of our Planet and by protecting it let the Nature prevail!

Buying procedures went smoothly, documentation was just ideal! And surprise was to get 6 hectares instead of 4 – by the documents there are 4 ha, but de facto there are 6 ha I can use ( It is common in mountain region that the land de facto is bigger that in docs) ! Also, there are many land offers around and same scheme – by buying 2 hectares, you in fact get more – such a tradition!
So, in fact, we got 2 hills with beautiful trees, huge apple garden, two natural water springs and small river…Plus big bonus – lots of electricity (up to 380 VA), a road (needed to be reconstructed) , old hutsul wooden houses around, wild forests around, own microclimate (protection from winds) and much much
more than we could even dream about!!!! Some Kind of Edem Garden we have been told from above to keep and protect!

I acknowledge that as it is impossible to protect all the Carpathians, but there is lots we can do, preserve and protect that what Nature has created! We are going to create here forest-garden, will prune as many trees as we can afford. Also, on base of that, there is idea to create meditative art center for seminars, festivals and retreets.

The population of Snidavka village is just not more than 1000 people which lets us to be quite isolated from the out world. The nearest neighborhood is about 1 km – for vipassana, closed seminars and parties, festivals – ideal place!

But these are plans by now and time will show how far we can go on this path.
Now, we come to the key point! ))) If you managed to read till now, we have an OFFER! Participate in creation such a Project.

How you can participate?


Needed man or woman or a family who likes to live in isolated places, who likes ecostyle – this winter we give for free to use a house (electricity, Internet, pure water inside of the house, telephone, all necessary etcs). Instead we ask to do the following
1/ Keep eye that no tree is cut down within our land
2/ Cleaning out the snow, keeping water springs clean and keeping the territory clean
3/ Also, some salary os possible, depending on your proffecional skills (landscape designing, sculpture, carpeenting, masoning etc)
Needed for 3-4 month, but ​ shift method is OK as well (one week, two weeks, one month shift)

Buying land near
Also, if you are interested in buying land near us and with same intentions (to preserve and protect) ,
we can help and assist it, the prices now are very cheap! Also, there are many land offers around, so it is even enough space to create eco community! One demand – preserve the space and at least not interfere in nature too much, no cattle for killing, only harmony and taking care. More to give to the Space, rather than get.
Spring, summer and fall – 3 seasons are just ideal for festival activities, seminars, exhibitions, retreets. Also, green tourism is welcomed!


We have big theoretical background but not much practice. We will appreciate any consult help

Running such a Project means spending a lot of money, which are limited)) as usual)))
We are not poor guys, but this will be our first project we do by our own means, we do it on our savings and want to create ideal space anyone could get deepened in psychedelic-eco way in any time of the year.
Our budget is limited and what we need help for is as follows:
1/ buying some rare trees, those which disappeared or rare in the region
2/ Creating green houses
3/ Landscape designing (we plan to make cascade ponds, prune berries and all types of greenery)
4/ We are planning to build FREE HOUSES, those who want to join us as volunteer will be able to stay there for FREE
In our new space we are planning to accommodate as many as possible, that not only tent-users can stay. Plans include building hobbit homes, tree-houses, earthbag houses atc.

Payment details for receiving SWIFT in euros (Bank of Ukraine)
BENEFICIARY: RUKAVYTSYN SERHII, index 04071, Ukraine,city Kyiv,street Kho

Many plans, have started to implement them, you can join us any level, any time according to your wish.