About the Ihtianderson Project

I met this artist in 2005 or 2006 – April 1. Years have been erased from memory, but the date fixed exactly like emotions and impressions.
FluRanet went on a humor marine in Odessa, more to see the Odessa friends, rather than to sell our art on Derebasovskaya street.
Upon arrival in Odessa, as it turned out, a private party was organized near Odessa in the countryside house. Odessans are not very fond of humor marina (day of the city) and therefore either leave the city or sit at home with a TV or behind a computer. And the question: “Well, actually, what are you doing here? -’ we are going to a private party’, for me sounded quite appropriate.
Indeed, the celebration of the city is a dubious event, fights on inflatable hammers, rubbish, noise …
Odessans insisted on private speech, someone said that I must be there and be sure to get acquainted with a very interesting artist from Odessa)) rest, sleep before the trip back. It sounded tempting, considering that we were driving the night and stood all day on Derebasovskaya selling.
Well, as it was inconvenient to go to the Artist’s country house, without the invitation of the artist himself))
The charisma of Odessans works flawlessly, to all my doubts and excuses I was told the following:
“And what do you think you are?” This is Odessa. We all go to each other for a visit, without an invitation, and this is normal. New acquaintances are always good. Follow the course of my thoughts. Usually, we go to private parties of the Artist’s girlfriend, to whom we, in any case, will go, one way or another. She has a big apartment! How can such a big apartment be left unused? But today it is humorous, and this event cannot be endured, today it will not be her private party, therefore we are going to the country house to the girl’s boyfriend, with whom we usually hold private parties. ”
It was an Odessa hypnosis. There is no power to resist, you come under its influence, no matter how “persistent mental organization” you possess. Especially after a night traveling and a day on Derebasovskaya on Yumorina. Intrigue appeared, new details of the party at the Plant were opened. It turns out that not only FluRanet supported this party, on which Nowhereman, Tony Lizard played and there were many unforgettable moments, but also the mysterious girl Tal, who was the girl of the artist to whom we were going to the country house.
The last point put Borka Radarshan, assured that he knows the owner of the cottage and no need to steam at all.
In general, we were at a cottage house near Odessa.
The atmosphere was pleasant in Odessa’s style. Comfort, warmth, hospitality, openness, and spontaneity. Chill music played fluorescent Backdrops on the walls. Fatigue vanished.
Not that I was hooked on the canvases with my skill or professionalism, but there was something in them. Very kind, completely without aggression, unclaimed.
Special energy, and this flow, the glow hooked more than the correctness of painting by the golden ratio, Fibonacci or academic technique studied in art schools, “all proportions” and other classics …
So we met with the artist. His name was Yura. He was in his own, special state that touched me deeply. Against the background of all this “humor”, revolutions, aggressiveness of promoters, fuss … it is like a flower with its own glow. In communication with him, I was touched by absolute, there was no aggression in him, no desire to dominate or anything like that you encounter everywhere every day. There was no struggle in it. I have been aware of this meeting for long, what hooked in this energy and how to classify it? How to describe it. All the states of Yura were expressed in his works. Cloths were like a mirror of his condition. Of course, I read then, in his eyes, brushstrokes on canvases … that he was cramped in Odessa and Ukraine, and even throughout the entire post-Soviet space, were he was not realized, not discovered, but that was not the main thing! It is normal for a creative person, never to be satisfied with his work and strive for something more. The main thing is that there was no conflict in it. He did not try to compete, fight with someone or something. He had his own vision, his own reflection of the soul and this was presented in his works. He simply created for the sake of creation.
If you look from the outside at this private party, as an outsider, then the whole atmosphere was permeated with this spirit. And the only aggressive creature in the countryside cottage was the rooster, who jealously guarded its territory and jumped itself at all the people. The toilet was located behind the chicken coop, and it was impossible to pass by the demon-possessed bird; it suddenly flew out of the darkness and went to the attack. I had to run away from him, hide in the toilet and wait until he left)) But then it was necessary to return, and the story repeated, he flew and attacked my feet. What was in the head of this bird is not clear. It was fun, the atmosphere of Odessa. So I remembered the first meeting with Ihtianderson, in such a a special atmosphere and in such circumstances.
We digress from the project Ihtianderson, Odessa carried away emotions and memories.
So, about the project!
It all started in Fox Bay in the Crimea, in 2004, that spark came on intermediate state and interweaving of different realities. This little spark and insight, later turned into a fire and a big project, but then in 2004 Yura, got inspired by one of Trootootoo works, he understood what and how he should draw, by continuing to experiment with different styles, yet in the technique of painting chooses this style.
Trootootoo admitted later that he did not teach, Yura himself quickly learned everything.
But if in the works of Andrei Goncharenko ( Trootootoo)there were no real forms and no clear idea, but in the paintings of Yura, the marine theme was dominated: dolphins, jellyfish .. underwater pairwise realities.
With the name of the project was more difficult, the decision was made collectively by a group of friends, there was a stormy discussion, at Tal’s house, different variations.
Tal, Danil (Saykozaurus),Yura and friends together decided to go for a character from Alexander Belyaev’s fantastic novel “Amphibian Man”. That’s how the name was of project “Ihtianderson” was born.
A lot has changed since Yuri met his soul mate Tal. If each element in its nature and properties is a set of qualities, then in synthesis they created something new.
New forms, volume, scale, and the birth of something absolutely no doubt EVERYTHING happened after this union. The official marriage was 04/19/2008 after the Birth of their daughter in October 2007. Extraterrestrial children were born, led by the universe. Two elements gave rise to the third, an independent element. It’s like chemistry, for example, that hydrogen and oxygen in a compound that gives birth to Water, and also something new was born in the creative development of this project. It is difficult to say if Yura alone could accomplish all that has been implemented over these years. But without a doubt, the qualities that the second half has given the scope and scale of the creative biography of this project. Almost all the decorations were drawn together. And all the activities from that moment were joint.
Later the family immigrates from Ukraine. And all efforts focus on the Ihtiandreson project. Tal leaves the job and fully dedicates herself to the project.
Participation in all major festivals of Russia “Trimurty”, “Chillout planet” in Europe “OZORA” (design of chill out Dome, Mirador ”, Boom Festival – participation in the organization of the first gallery, Separate platforms and gallery in“ Psy fi ”(Netherlands),“ Lost Theory ” Spain), … … all major festivals. The project is in demand. They had to split the work – Yura works at one festival, Tal does the design at another, plus the community, helpers provide invaluable help. With the efforts of all these people, the Ihtiandreson project was created.
I can not say that “Yantra” wear project has not played its role. Although from my point of view, cooperation with Yantra was a mistake, and this is a very sick lump that needed to happen in order to understand what you should not do. But every cloud has a silver lining, in Moscow Yura became popular thanks to his designs that were printed by Yantra. Then it was not possible to produce their own clothes.
In 2017, Yura was invited to the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, he thought in the academy students in the winter, and in the summer the team worked and painted decorations in all the major festivals.
In 2019, he was invited again.
Ihtianderson project is a team. The motor of this team, in my opinion, is Tal, without assistance, the implementation would have been impossible a priori. Style, of course, creates Yura. And glad that the artist does not stand still and constantly evolving. Talent from birth, makes up for academic, classical principles, something that was lacking then in 2004-2005.
During intensive work and thanks to a good team, and above all Tal, over the years he has become a head taller, in all senses. I am always pleased with the creative rise of this artist. This is a fascinating flight of this project.
On May 17 to 19, 2019 under the leadership of Tal and the Yura, the first in Europe Visionary * (Art) festival will be held.
The goal is to unite artists working in this direction. Each artist can present his vision of the Visionary style.
In this festival Ihtianderson, also will be presented as a separate artist. Yura will present his original works , just like the other artists – this is the main principle laid down by the “Visionary”. And, of course, Ihtianderson will be delighted to exhibit new works.
But the formation of this project, in my vision, is the joint efforts of close people. I would have carried out an allegory of this project with a tree, where there is a base and branches, but in general, a tree with whatever branches it might be and no matter how it grew, this is project Ihtianderson in one word. With its line of clothing, design recognizable around the world, its special style, which was formed by years of hard work of dedicated people.
Here is a story. But why all these Humorins, private party, chickens and roosters?
For any sprout that has grown into a tree, fertile soil is needed and those who will take care and grow this sprout. Odessa trance scene, funny Odessans, parties, … this is the soil without which, perhaps, this project would not exist, and close people, the family who have watered, treated and cultivated for many years, what is now and as a result has a psychedelic culture. A unique artist conductor of other dimensions – Ihtianderson.