Visionarium Festival

From May 17 to 19, the first Visionary art festival will take place in Spain.

We would like to invite you to a magnificent event – Visionarium Festival

Where artists, decorators and creators collective comes together manage and co-create in festival grounds.
Visionarium art collective presents a ground where artists come to create, exhibit, teach and study together.
The concept is based on varied aspects of Visionary art.
In our days the Visionary art can be represented in multiple directions such as Digital art, traditional painting on canvas, installations, sculptures, video, sound, VR worlds, and even holograms.
Our mission is to unite the most bright Visionary artists and manifest this great movement.
Collaborate share the experience and reach higher levels in skills and techniques.
The festival area based on crop circle concept, that unites visitors and artists and allows a constant flow of people in between the 3 main galleries, workshop area, market area, Cafes, tea shops, and Bar.
In the center will be located the stage,
The music is an accompaniment for workshops, lectures, and art to happen. It is there to create an ambient and calm creative atmosphere.
The musical concept will follow the line in such styles as Ethnic music, instrumental, psy chill, ambient, psy Dab, downtempo Psybient.
Concerts and live performances, you may find on the Stage and around.
We will try to surprise you, with unique performances, Artistic costumes, magicians and the sound of real soul voices.
In the workshop area, you can find the most interesting program. There will be different art workshops given with unique techniques, pottery, art Lessons, presentation of year study programs at different art schools and Academies.
Live art painting and Body art.
Visionarium collective art project presents a ground where artists come to create, exhibit, teach and study together.
For visitors who have interest in nowadays art movements, see the brightest artists of our time and for those who would like to try themselves in art, take a part in a workshop or just enjoy the art scene, concerts, shows.
The Festival offers a Cafe’ with real coffee, hot chocolate or a variety of teas, Cakes, pastry or good champagne at the Bar.
Water access, toilets, and Natural showers.
Early Bird / Guest ticket : 56 € (until Dec. 31st, 2018 / limited to 100 tickets)
Early Bird / Artist ticket : 135 € (until Dec. 31st, 2018 / limited to 100 tickets)
Second Wave / Guest ticket : 70 € (until March 1st, 2019 / limited to 200 tickets)
Second Wave / Artist ticket : 150 € (until March 1st, 2019 / limited to 200 tickets)
Third Wave / Guest ticket: 85 € (until May 15th, 2019 / limited to 200 tickets)
Third Wave / Artist ticket: 165 € (until May 15th, 2019 / limited to 200 tickets)
***Guest ticket is allowing excess to all the Galleries, visiting all the areas of the festival, not Including workshops and personal VR experience.
Artist workshop ticket will allow participation in all the workshops on the Festival grounds – VR experience, Oil, Figure drawing, the Golden Ratio, perspective, UV acrylic painting, the creation of 3D objects, platonic shapes and Ebru technique.
Tickets can be bought at the Embassy of the Visionarium Festival in Kiev (Ukraine) Andrew’s Descent 22b “FluRanet” gallery.
Any questions by phone +38 044 425-13-28, +38 067 4404878